May 07


Here we are at the end of the 5×5 series, and what a fun project it has been. For our last posting we chose to look at the Friendly Area Neighborhood, centered around the aptly named Friendly Street Market. Yes, that is right- Friendly Street. You will be pleased to know that everybody was in fact quite friendly. Eugene’s neighborhoods are a little funny. Each area exists as its own community, with markets and food carts and coffeeshops just right down the road. You barely need to venture outside of your own five block radius. As a result, I’ve never really explored the Friendly area. I’m certainly glad I did though, as it is one of Eugene’s most charming neighborhoods and holds such gems as J-Tea, featured in the image below.

Thanks for following us through this little local journey. We’re hatching a plan for the next year and hope to let you all in on it soon. Cheers!

Apr 11

5×5: 4

When examining our community and the spaces that make it unique, I would be remiss in overlooking Saturday Market. It doesn’t quite fit in to the 5×5 series, as it isn’t strictly a neighborhood and we didn’t shoot in the blocks around the market. Oh well. I think it is important, that it is representative of our community, and that it makes for great shots. Also, I make the rules. So neiner, neiner, neiner. For those who don’t know, Saturday Market runs on, well, Saturdays through Spring, Summer and Fall. It takes up about three blocks in Downtown Eugene. Technically, it is comprised of two different entities, Lane Farmer’s Market and Eugene Saturday Market. There is also a large unsanctioned area across the road that consists of drum circles, poi spinners, glass pipe and hemp necklace sales. The Market itself was founded in 1974 and consists of booths by 100+ vendors selling handmade goods, and food products are sold by the partner Farmer’s Market. Several communities across the country have used Eugene’s Saturday Market as a model for creating their own, as well they should. Saturday Market is not only an institution and a great shopping experience, it is a source of pride for our community.


Mar 19

5×5: 3

5×5:3? Awesome! We have two left after this one. Let’s make them good.

For this 5×5 we chose Sundance Natural Foods. Technically, Sundance is right at the border of the South University neighborhood and the Amazon neighborhood, but I’ve always heard the area referred to as the Sundance neighborhood. It is funny how some of our areas have official sounding names, but we refer to them as something that resonates more closely to our associations of the place, rather than the more formal. I haven’t spent much time in this area, so it was nice to do some exploring. I can tell you this, the Sundance neighborhood has a lot of really friendly cats!

Feb 18

5×5: 2

New 5×5! Yay!

For this 5×5 we decided to head downtown and shoot around the Kiva Grocery Store, located downtown right next to our beautiful library and downtown transit station. I should probably explain that I am a downtown nerd. The disappearance of our downtown cores breaks my heart, and we make a point to visit different downtown areas when we travel. These spaces can tell us so much about our towns, our area’s culture, and our histories. If you meander through my archives you will see a lot of shots of our downtown area, and you can see the transitions it has been making in years since we moved here. I’m very proud of the work that is going into our downtown. Our two large pits have both been filled in, storefronts are getting facelifts, and is it just me, or are more people meandering through the streets? So here is the downtown 5×5, enjoy!

New bike racks/public art outside the Kiva Grocery Store

What was once a large pit affectionately named Lake Charnelton is soon to be LCC's downtown hub.

Classical music is piped into a few of Eugene's downtown spaces. Seems like they need to mix up their song selection.

She wanted me to take her picture, and then she wanted to play with my camera.

Cats on leashes seem to be a trend amongst travelers these days.

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